Basically, our fees will be calculated by reference to time spent, at rates which reflect such factors as complexity, monetary value and specialist input, and will take into account urgency and inherent risks and the use of techniques, expertise, research and know-how developed within our organization.

Case-by-case assignment

For a case-by-case basis assignment, we may give our clients a number of hours of particular lawyers who will carry out the work as well as the amounts of fees chargeable to the clients in advance. The fees, scope of services as well as other material terms and conditions for the assignment from our clients will be contained in the service proposal that we prepare and propose to the clients for their approval and signatures before commencing each work.

This can apply to any work such as legal advice, legal document review or preparation, work permit and visa applications, capital increase, change of directors of a company, etc.


We also provide our client legal services on a monthly basis for a normal period of one year. Under this arrangement, a fixed fee will be payable monthly for certain number of hours. An invoice will be issued to our clients each month in the appropriate amount.

There would be no limitation on access or hours to be worked arising from the application in accordance with this arrangement. However, every month the accumulated hours worked by our assigned lawyers would be evaluated at the appropriate rate and compared with the cumulative fees received under this arrangement. A separate fee note would then be issued to collect any additional fees due for the preceding month with 10% discount on the normal hourly rate applicable. The time underspent in any month, however, will not be carried forwarded.

Yearly fee for corporate secretarial services

During business operation, a company is required to comply with the corporate law such as holding a ordinary general meeting of the shareholders, holding a board of directors’ meeting, updating shareholders’ register, updating a list of shareholders and filling its with the Ministry of Commerce, issuing new Share Certificates, holding a meeting for dividend payment or when the company makes losses at particular level as prescribed by law, etc. (Please refer to more details of the corporate secretarial work in the Attachment.) These are a kind of routine corporate work that we provide to our clients annually. The service fees will be fixed with the amount depending on the volume of work as will be fixed with the clients in advance.

Optionally, our client may request or assign the corporate works to us on a case-by-case basis as mentioned above.