Private and public limited companies

(a)                Company registration

(b)       Transformation from a private limited company to a public company

(c)       Corporate changes of the followings:

-                  Name and seal (special resolution)

-                  Address

-                  Directors

-                  Power of directors

-                  Company’s objectives

-                  Shareholders

-                  New list of shareholders

-                  Etc. 

(d)            Capital increase

(e)             Capital decrease

(f)             Preparation of minutes of the Board of Director’s meeting, general shareholders’ meeting, and extraordinary shareholder’s meeting

(g)            Dissolution of a company (and also filing a bankruptcy case, if necessary)

(h)       Company amalgamation


Company registration under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between Thailand and USA or under a free trade agreement with other countries

Application for a branch license

Application for a representative office license

Application for a regional office license or ROH