Legal Commercial Work

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) / Corporate Restructuring

  • Advice on the forms of M&A or corporate restructuring
  • Acting as a representative or join with a client in negotiating a deal
  • Preparation of an MOU to acquire shares or business of a target company and non-disclosure agreement
  • Conducting legal due diligence review of a target entity
  • Preparation of share sale agreement or asset purchase agreement
  • Advice and preparation of legal documents for other things necessary to complete the deal e.g. novation agreement, transfer of right, transfer of BOI Certificate or other licenses, transfer of employees, registration of transfer of immovable property or long-term lease, etc.


The main services include advice and preparation of legal documents of the followings:

  • Employment contract
  • Work rules and filing them with the Labor Department
  • Termination of employment
  • Secondment agreement
  • Dual employment contract
  • Employee transfer
  • Agreement with labor union or other relevant issues


The legal commercial area covers:


(1)       General commercial

           This include general commercial transactions such as sale, exchange, hire of property, hire-purchase, hire of services, hire of work, services, carriage, loan, personal guarantee, mortgage, pledge, warehouse, agency, brokerage, bills, partnership and companies, etc.

(2)       Real estate

-           Advice, preparation of legal documents and registration of sale of land/or building, sale of condominium (particularly for foreigners), mortgage of land and/or building

-           Advice and assistance in applying for a license to develop land and/or house project under the Land Appropriation Act or building construction license

-           Advice on condominium development, setting up a condominium juristic person and its regulations

-           Preparation of legal documents to implement tax planning for real estate project e.g. set up two companies to separately own land and construct a house.

(3)       Intellectual Property

-           Giving legal advice on protections of trademarks, patents, petty patents, designs copyright and other intellectual property

-           Filing applications for registrations of trademarks, patents, petty patents and designs

-           Filing opposition and initiate cancellation actions against registrations of    trademarks, patents and designs including file counter statements and counter claims against opposition and cancellation actions respectively

-           Requesting for re-examinations and filing cancellation actions against petty patent registrations

-           Giving legal advice on licenses of trademarks, patents, petty patents, designs and copyright including filing applications for the registrations of the license agreements thereof

-           Rendering services on assignment of trademarks, patents, petty patents, designs and copyright and filing applications for the registrations of such assignment

-           Coordinating with other law firms in order to deal with infringements such as seizure of infringed products, forwarding cease and desist letters to accused, filing complaints with the competent officers and filing lawsuits with the court

-           Coordinating with foreign associates in rendering legal service on intellectual property in other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, England and U.S.A.

(4)       International trade

(5)       Business reorganization under Bankruptcy Act

(6)       Financial debt restructuring

(7)       Construction project with a government agency

(8)       Exchange control

(9)       Insurance (including banking and finance)

(10)         Trade competition and market anti-dumping